CBS Correspondent Returns to NYPD Ranks

John Miller to work with new commissioner William Bratton

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Heather Wines / AP

John Miller on the set of CBS This Morning in New York City

After three years as a senior correspondent for CBS, John Miller is heading back to his old stomping ground at the New York City Police Department, where he served as deputy police commissioner in the mid-1990s.

According to CBS, Miller is returning to work under the department’s new commissioner Will Bratton, who was tapped by the city’s mayor-elect Bill de Blasio.

Miller has worked successfully for decades in law enforcement and journalism, where he primarily reported on issues of national security, including terrorism. Earlier this month, journalists and analysts blasted Miller’s report for 60 Minutes on the National Security Agency and notorious whistle-blower Edward Snowden, accusing the broadcaster of being an apologist for government intrusion.