Alleged LAX Shooter Pleads Not Guilty

Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, is charged with first-degree murder and other counts

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The man charged with fatally shooting a Transportation Security Administration employee at the Los Angeles International Airport last month pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and 10 other counts on Thursday.

Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, appeared briefly before a federal judge in connection with the Nov.1 shooting that killed a TSA officer and injured three others, the Associated Press reports. His trial is set for Feb. 11.



The thing that gets me about these cases is how someone who was not only caught in the act, but is on video doing the things pleads "not guilty" just because the burden of proof is on the state to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  I mean, there is no doubt.  He's going to be FOUND guilty.

While it is probably unconstitutional to do (and a judgement call on when these things should be done), I'd like to see an extra sentence tacked on to sentences for people who are patently, undeniably and easily proven guilty to pay for wasting the taxpayer's money with a "not guilty" plea and going through the time and expense of a trial.

I know it'll never be done, of course.  But I'd like to see some extra thing done to those who waste our time and money just to prolong the inevitable.  Just a thought on that.


The TIME headline on my reader says:

Airport Shooter: Not Guilty



The time and expense of a trial is one of the costs of a democracy. Until someone is tried, they are NOT "patently, undeniably and easily proven guilty." Besides, when the evidence is overwhelming the "not guilty" plea is usually just the first step in a negotiation dance that leads to a plea bargain, thus sparing the taxpayers "the time and expense of a trial." 


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