Man Famous for Christmas Light Display Found Shot to Death in Home

Just a month after wife died of cancer

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A Connecticut man famous for his elaborate Christmas light displays was found dead in his home Friday with a gunshot wound to the head.

Police are calling the death of John Chakalos a homicide, the Brattleboro Reformer reports. He was murdered just a month after his wife Rita died of cancer. They couple had made a tradition of lighting up their 82-acre Chesterfield property for public enjoyment at Christmastime, and asked visitors to donate to a food pantry.

The light display, which was dedicated to Rita this year, will not be cancelled. Instead, the display will be dedicated to both John and Rita, in their memory.

[Brattleboro Reformer]


I see that the vile atheists are getting more extreme in their methods to eradicate Christianity.


@billy131274 That's quite the accusation.  And you do so with utter and complete confidence.  Do you have any actual objective proof to back up your ridiculous claim?


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