Realtors Sued for Overpricing Home, Then Using It As Their Sex Pad

Caught having sex on home security cameras

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Two real estate agents are being sued for intentionally overpricing a New Jersey home and discouraging buyers from bidding on it in order to continue to use the house for sexual trysts.

Coldwell Banker agents Robert Lindsay and Jeannemarie Phelan were caught on tape having sex at least 10 times in the home, including in the owners’ bed, reports. The lawsuit, filed Dec. 6 by the owners, accuses the duo of using the home as a “play pad” and seeks compensatory damages for invasion of privacy, infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract, trespassing, and other counts.

The pair was caught on Jan. 23 when the homeowner reviewed the security cameras and thought she saw robbers in her home. When police arrived, they allegedly found Lindsay pulling up his pants. The suit alleges that Lindsay lied to police and told them he was preparing for an open house.

Both Lindsay and Phelan have been fired from Coldwell Banker. Neither could be reached for comment by