Whistleblowers Encourage Others To Speak Up

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Lexey Swall / Getty Images

Daniel Ellsberg, former United States military analyst considered the Pentagon Papers whistleblower, speaks during mass rally in support for PFC Bradley Manning.

Daniel Ellsberg, the former military analyst who famously leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971, joined other whistleblowers in encouraging intelligence employees to speak up about “illegal, immoral, wasteful activities [that] are going on where you work.”

Ellsberg and his cohorts have visited Edward Snowden, the runner-up for TIME Person of the Year, and in their open letter in the Guardian, they held Snowden up as an example of “what one person can do.”

But Snowden shouldn’t have to stand alone, and his revelations shouldn’t be the only eyes,” they wrote.

“There IS strength in numbers,” they added. “You won’t be the first – nor the last – to follow your conscience and let us know what’s being done in our names. Truth is coming – it can’t be stopped. Crooked politicians will be held accountable. It’s in your hands to be on the right side of history and accelerate the process. Courage is contagious.:”


A far greater danger than NSA spying is the nationwide multi-billion conservative machine created by the Koch brothers and other rich conservatives that quietly craft legislation, promote agendas nationwide from voter suppression, to anti-abortion rights, defunding of public education, etc. promoting both a corporate and narrow-minded agenda while passing laws and corrupting democracy with their activist GOP-SCOTUS Citizen United decision that allowed the rich to flood campaigns with unlimited, usually anonymous, campaign funding to literally buy elections.


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