Hunger Is Rising Across U.S., Say City Leaders

New survey reveals applications for food aid are up as Congress mulls food stamp cuts

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Mike Householder / AP

Hunger is on the rise in major cities across the United States, according to a new survey released Wednesday by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

In the survey of mayors in 25 major American cities, 83 percent said requests for emergency food aid had increased over last year while budgets for emergency food purchases increased by less than one percent. Across all 25 cities, 21 percent of those applying for assistance did not receive it.

Causes of hunger cited in the survey were, in order: Unemployment, low wages, poverty and high housing costs. Among people requesting food aid, according to the survey, 43 percent were employed, 58 percent were in families, 21 percent were elderly, and 9 percent were homeless.

The survey comes while Congress mulls cutting SNAP benefits, commonly known as food stamps, in negotiations over the farm bill.


Man that's crazy that people are starving in this country while millions of dollars get wasted down the drain which is crazy if anybody is looking for a job in the VA area these websites are hiring

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The GOP response: to cut food stamps and unemployment benefits while holding on to tax breaks and loopholes, corporate subsidies for the rich along with the $400+ billion of uncollected tax revenues from thousands of offshore corporate tax dodgers. Why should the GOP care about the poor, they have no money to contribute to GOP campaigns or to lobby Congress?


No surprise. America's fat people should go on a diet and give their food to the needy.