Winter Weather Continues as Yet Another Storm Sweeps Across the Country

Winter Storm Dion set to bring snow and ice from California to the northeast

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Vast swaths of the country from the Rockies to the Great Plains are already reeling from the frigid effects of winter storm Cleon won’t get much relief before yet another winter storm comes blasting its way across the country.

Winter storm Dion, the fourth winter storm of the season, is set to follow a similar pattern as Cleon, sweeping from west to east from California, across the Rockies and Great Plains, through the Ohio Valley and southeast, and finally hitting the northeast on Sunday or Monday. The storm is expected to dump another two feet of snow around the Sierra Nevada mountains, as well as several western states. Parts of the southeast are forecast to see ice, freezing rain and sleet, which will spread into the mid-Atlantic and northeast by the end of the weekend.

Dion was already dumping snow on parts of California while the northeast had yet to see the impact of Cleon. Friday morning began with balmy temperatures in the northeast, but the winter mess is scheduled to begin hitting the region as the weekend gets underway.

American Airlines and American Eagle said Friday that they had already cancelled almost 1,000 flights because of an ice storm near Dallas, the Associated Press reports.

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