Vampire-Obsessed Trucker Allegedly Kidnapped Teen Relative, Filed Her Teeth

Also allegedly hit her with 'slave bracelets'

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A trucker who allegedly kidnapped his teenage relative, sexually abused her and made her wear vampire teeth was charged Monday in Minnesota with kidnapping, false imprisonment, and domestic abuse.

Police say the 19-year old victim left her Florida home six months ago to join Timothy Jay Vafeades and help him with his trucking business, CNN reports. She expected to make $10,000 and then return home, but police say Vafeades started sexually abusing her as soon as she arrived, then took her driver’s license and social security card so she couldn’t leave.

The victim said that she went on the road with Vafeades, and that the two slept in a single bed in the back of his truck for months and had sex every 2-3 days. She was required to hold his hand everywhere she went, and he would allegedly beat her if she made eye contact with another person. Vafeades wore bracelets he called “slave bracelets,” which he would use to hit his captive.

Vafeades also apparently had an obsession with vampire teeth. He allegedly wore a set of vampire dentures and ordered one for the victim. She said he also filed down certain teeth in her mouth.

His lawyer declined to comment, and it is not yet clear whether a plea has been entered.