Alabama Football Fan Accused of Shooting Fellow Fan During Party

Lethal violence erupts during Iron Bowl-watching party

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The Iron Bowl, the state of Alabama’s annual football slug fest between Auburn University and the University of Alabama, is known for inciting some heated disputes, but a football-watching party turned deadly Saturday when one Alabama fan allegedly shot another during an argument.

Adrian Laroze Briskey, a 28-year-old Birmingham woman, was charged with murder for allegedly shooting 36-year-old Michelle Shepherd during an Iron Bowl-watching party in the Birmingham suburb of Hoover. According to witnesses, the two got into a heated argument shortly after the game ended. Briskey was allegedly upset that Shepherd wasn’t more troubled over Alabama’s shocking last second loss, and the argument turned physical.

According to local news reports, Briskey pulled a small caliber handgun and shot Shepherd, who died at the scene. Shepherd’s sister provided a different account of the shooting, saying that she and her sister were joking about the Miami heat, which upset Briskey; Neketa Shepherd said that she and her sister were trying to leave the party when Michelle was shot.

Briskey is being transferred to the Shelby County Jail, and she is currently being held under $75,000 bond.