Woman in Controversial Stand Your Ground Case Released on Bond

Marissa Alexander out on bail ahead of new trial

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Bruce Lipsky / AP

Defense attorney Bruce Zimet, left, of Ft. Lauderdale, puts his arm out for Marissa Alexander as she arrives in court on Thursday, Oct. 31, 2013, at the Duval County Courthouse in Jacksonville, Fla.

The Florida woman caught in a controversial stand your ground case in Jacksonville is out on bond as she awaits a new trial.

Last year, Marissa Alexander was handed a mandatory 20-year prison sentence firing what she claims was a warning shot during a domestic dispute in 2010. She later called on Florida’s stand your ground law to defend herself against charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; however, the judge dismissed her self-defense claim.

The controversial law made international headlines after George Zimmerman used the statute as the backbone of his successful legal defense after shooting unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin dead in 2012.



There is no doubt this women is stupid, But she does not deserve a 20 years sentence. no matter what guide lines are out there. The boyfriend or ex husband is an ass hole and an abuser, but in this case she crossed the line and made her self a defendant instead of a victim. But no wy she should be sentenced to 20 years. 5 max.


Mr. Stout you really need to do a better job researching your articles.  Zimmerman's attorneys waived a SYG hearing.  Their defense case was built around straight self-defense; not SYG.  SYG implies you have a choice of whether or not to flee an attacker.  Zimmerman was pinned to the ground and being beaten.  Nowhere to run.  It is the liberal media that has tried to use this case to criticize SYG laws.  Alexander's case is quite different and will likely be a SYG defense, and a tricky one at that.  My understanding is that she initially fled and then returned.  Also, courts take a dim view of warning shots, even though it frequently makes the most sense in the heat of the moment.   This will be an interesting case.


@nightowl30350 GZ's attorneys may have waived SYG, but the judge allowed the jurors to consider it.


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