Thanksgiving on Hold in Ohio Town After Train Derailment Sparks Evacuation

Locals relocated following train leak of flammable and toxic chemical

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Andy Morrison / AP

This Nov. 27, 2013 photo shows the west end of the CSX Corp. train yard in Willard, Ohio.

Hundreds of people in the small town of Willard, northern Ohio, will be unable to spend Thanksgiving morning at home after a train derailment caused the leak of a flammable substance.

According to a report in the Associated Press, four cars derailed at a nearby yard on Tuesday night while the train was switching tracks. Residents will not be able to return home until Thursday afternoon at the very earliest.

After the derailment, one of the damaged cars reportedly leaked about 12,000 gallons of styrene monomer, which is both flammable and mildly toxic. Officials evacuated more than 400 homes following the accident.