#TIMECritters: Wildlife in Your Backyard

TIME readers share the best images of the creatures they see outside their windows

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With this week’s cover story, America’s Pest Problem, we asked you to share photos of the animals invading your backyard with the hashtag #TIMECritters. From bobcats to alligators, here are some of the best.


"Invading OUR backyards"?? Hardly!  Most (if not all) animals seen in/near human establishments are there specifically because THIER habitat has been taken over by humans (aka: "our backyard").  Posting pictures here essentially punishes these animals (and their brethren) to a "death sentence"...it is only perpetuating the problem of people thinking that culling (aka: killing) wild animals is an acceptable, sustainable, and humane practice. There are better solutions than this.   I suggest reading this Op-Ed piece by Professor Marc Bekoff: http://www.livescience.com/41776-are-people-killing-pests-too-rarely.html


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