These Pictures Show Why We Love — And Completely Hate — The Snow

Flying, driving or even just walking through the snow can be enough to swear off cold climates forever. But once settled snugly at your destination, the winter wonderland can actually be a beautiful thing

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People have a very complex relationship with the snow.

On the one hand: Snow angels, hot cocoa, that tingly feeling when the ground first gets enveloped in white. On the other hand: flying in the snow, not flying because of the snow, slush. We were dealing with these conflicting feelings when Thanksgiving week turned into the first snow storm of the season.

These Instagrams are why we fear the influx of frozen precipitation each year:

But once travel’s off the table, snow can actually be a beautiful thing. Here are some photos that prove our fondness for flurries and our support for snowstorms.

And then there’s this guy… (thanks for rubbing it in)