New York Cops Will Look Into Your Car to Stop That Text

Troopers will peer down from tall, unmarked SUVs to enforce laws banning texting and driving

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New York state has launched one of the most aggressive efforts to curb texting and driving that will include state troopers peering in on drivers’ hands from tall SUVs.

The New York State Police will use 32 tall, unmarked SUVs so they can peer down into a car and make sure the driver’s hands aren’t on a cell phone, the Associated Press reports. It’s part of a new effort to combat texting while driving that’s among the most aggressive in the nation. New York is also imposing stiffer penalties for distracted driving and creating “Texting Zones” on highways for motorists can pull over and use their phones.

Texting while driving in New York can carry a fine of up to $200, along with five points on a driver’s license. State troopers handed out  5,553 tickets over two months this summer, compared to 924 in the same span last year.