Mark Zuckerberg Hosts ‘Hackathon’ for Undocumented Immigrants

The Facebook CEO holds a marathon programming session to push Congress to pass immigration reform

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Correction appended

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hosted a marathon programming session Wednesday with young undocumented immigrants, in his latest effort to prod Congress into pass immigration reform.

Zuckerberg brought 20 young immigrants, who came to the U.S. illegally, to Silicon Valley for a “DREAMer Hackathon” at the headquarters of LinkedIn. With help from other technology heavyweights like LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Dropbox co-founder Drew Houston, the young coders planned to build new technology platforms during a 24-hour coding session, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Zuckerberg’s lobbying group,, which advocates for immigration reform, pledged to get the young coders’ projects up running. The group wants to change U.S. immigration policy to grant more visas for workers with skills in science, math and technology.

[Los Angeles Times]

Correction: A previous version of this article misstated where the Hackathon took place. It was at LinkedIn’s headquarters, not Facebook’s headquarters.


"who came to the U.S. legally"....once again, one of those assumptions thrown around with undocumented immigrants. A lot of undocumented immigrants actually entered the U.S. legally, but could not get their Visas extended, and since they're DREAMers, they were children when that occurred. So let's not assume, because we all know how the saying goes...


@diana2811 Overstaying one's visa doesn't make that foreign national a "dreamer" - it makes them deportable. 


@armandocdll81 Are they legally deportable? Sure. By why would we want to deport them all en masse? The kids at this hackathon are talented, hard-working, highly motivated young people building exactly the kinds of skills that are needed in our economy. Why wouldn't we want to find a way to keep them here so they can contribute to our economic and social growth?


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