A Nor’Easter Could Be Coming to Town Just in Time for Thanksgiving

One of the busiest travel times of the year

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The weather has a wicked sense of humor.

While East Coasters have been treated to a relatively mild winter, those good graces could change with a potential Nor’Easter that might hit right around Thanksgiving, one of the biggest travel times of the year.

The storm could go Northeast from the Gulf Coast. Rain with a chance of snow is expected Tuesday through Thursday. Although exact conditions are still unknown, the National Weather Prediction Center says the forecast could be “a concern for travel,” continuing:

The wave will still affect major airports from Dallas to Atlanta, and probably the big hubs of the Mid-Atlantic region on the always-busy travel days before Thanksgiving.



"While East Coasters have been treated to a relatively mild winter"

Even for Time Magazine, this is embarrassing:

Saturday, December 21 The First Day of Winter (Winter Solstice) 2013

Hey Laura Stampler: Winter doesn't begin for another month.  No wonder it seems mild for winter.  It is still autumn you moron.  And it has *not* been an unseasonably mild autumn.  It has been a normal autumn.  Very normal.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Not too rainy, not too dry.  Very average.


@scottysols It's been pretty warm so far. only lately has it gotten chilly and then a few days later it was 50s again.


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