George Zimmerman Under GPS Monitoring After Domestic Violence Dispute

Girlfriend accused him of pointing a gun at her

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A Florida judge ordered George Zimmerman to wear a GPS monitoring device Tuesday after his arrest Monday for allegedly pulling a gun on his girlfriend and trying to choke her.

Zimmerman, who was acquitted in the high-profile death of Trayvon Martin earlier this year, was charged with aggravated assault and battery in his latest legal trouble, and bail was set at $9,000, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The judge also ordered Zimmerman not to contact his girlfriend or go to her home, and barred him from possessing guns or ammunition. Zimmerman’s lawyer said he is “maintaining his innocence.”

The former Sanford, Fla., neighborhood watch volunteer was arrested Monday when his girlfriend called 911. Prosecutors said Tuesday that he pointed a gun at her.

Zimmerman was previously acquitted of murdering Martin, an unarmed teenager, in a case that captured national attention and sparked debates on race, guns and self-defense laws.

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