Three Students Shot Near Pittsburgh High School

Three students shot while walking to their car after school

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Emergency personal respond to a reported shooting near Brashear High School, Nov. 13, 2013, in Pittsburgh.

Three male students were shot near a Pittsburgh high school Wednesday afternoon, police said. Several people have been taken into custody in connection with the shooting but no arrests have been made, according to Department of Public Safety Director Mike Huss.

The shooting occurred just as students were being let out from Brashear High School, police said. All three victims suffered non-life threatening injuries, and were in stable condition, police spokeswoman Diane Richard told reporters. The school superintendent said on the local ABC affiliate that all three victims were students at the school.

The area around the school was briefly locked down late Wednesday afternoon, with police in tactical gear searching the area. According to Richard, authorities believe the shooting may be connected to a drug-related altercation that took place involving students at the school in October.

Gov. Tom Corbett wrote on Twitter that he had “directed state agencies and resources to provide the necessary assistance as needed by the Pittsburgh police department and the community.”


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