One World Trade Center Will Be America’s Tallest Building

Sorry, Chicago.

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It looks like the Second City is staying second.

After much debate, the Chicago-based tall buildings council announced that upon the tower’s completion, New York City’s One World Trade Center will beat out Willis Tower as the nation’s tallest building.

Willis Tower was completed in 1974 and stands 1,451 feet high. One World Trade Center will reach 1,776 feet, a symbolic reference to the date that America declared its independence from Britain.

There was contention over whether One World Trade Center’s spire was architecturally significant enough to be considered a part of the building. Although Willis Tower’s antenna doesn’t count, the spire does.

The height committee met for 3.5 hours to discuss the issue on Friday.


Does it really matter, they are both tall.  Both great cities and have bad traffic. but I will take Chicago over NY any day, and do not care who has the tallest building bragging rights.


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