The Astrodome Is Astrodoomed

The world's first domed stadium will likely face the wrecking ball after Houston voters showed it no love

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David J. Philli / AP

Voters in Houston rejected a referendum on Tuesday to turn the Astrodome into a massive convention center, making it likely that the iconic stadium will be demolished.

The vote, which would have allocated more than $200 million to turn the world’s first domed stadium into a convention and event center, failed with 53 percent voting against, according to an AP tally after nearly every vote was counted. The final decision on the Astrodome’s future rests with Houston’s Commissioners Court — the group of local officials who manage Harris County, where Houston is located — but without tax dollars to repurpose the dome, it will most likely be demolished.

Some supporters have vowed to keep fighting to save the iconic structure, once labeled the “eighth wonder of the world.” Built in 1965, the Astrodome was the former home to the NFL’s Houston Oilers and Major League Baseball’s Astros, but no sports team has called it home since 1999, and it has been closed since 2009. The first multipurpose dome of its kind, the Astrodome can fit an 18-story building under its 208-foot-high roof. Officials say a final decision on the dome’s future will be made quickly, but did not give a date.



Saving the Astrodome does not make sense financially. The $200 million could go towards our schools or infrastructure which are deteriorating and more people can use. We already have the George R. Brown Convention Center with a green space so why do we need another one. Parking in the area is a nightmare during events, especially during the Houston Rodeo. 

If the people want to save the Astrodome so badly then why haven't any developers stepped in to save it without using tax payer dollars? 


Awful decision if they tear it down.  Of course we're talking about a state that has a Burger King across the street from the Alamo.  C'mon, there must be a dozen or more tycoons in Texas alone  that can save a piece of history.


Yes Dave, I see how the Burger King got built there, with fellas like you doing the big planning.  Did I say that the tycoons would lose money?  No, I'm quite sure they could figure out a way with a combination of tax incentives that already exist (you know, things like depreciation and other business deductions) and revenue from whatever they do with the dome.   One thing I do know, is when you tear it down its gone......ala Penn Station in NY    I've been to Houston, the Astro Dome was one of the things I wanted to see.  This is a city that is pretty devoid of anything old except the USS Texas.   Just saying this is short sighted.


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