Suit Alleges University of Connecticut Was Indifferent to Sexual Assaults

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Four young women who say they were sexually assaulted as students at the University of Connecticut have filed a federal lawsuit against the school alleging it violated their rights when they reported the crimes, their attorney announced Friday.

The women allege the school failed to prevent the assault and responded to their complaints with indifference or worse, the Associated Press reports.

Their attorney, Gloria Allred, last week filed a Title IX sex discrimination complaint with the Department of Education Office of Civil rights on behalf of several sexual assault victims, including the four women filing the private suit Friday.

A spokeswoman for the school told the AP the university was looking into the filing and would respond afterward.



Same old same old. Universities are about as capable of competently investigating sex crimes as a dog that's been dead a week would be. Until law enforcement and prosecutors completely take over the the investigation and prosecution of all sex crimes on all campuses, and the university administration is completely removed from the investigative/punitive process entirely, nothing will change. Police and prosecutors have only one reason for existing, to catch criminals and put them in prison. They won't succeed in catching, convicting, and imprisoning every rapist, but they would do far better than universities, which are academic institutions whose main purpose is simply to perpetuate their existence as centers of education. The best a university can do is adminstrate the law abiding during their educational period on campus. Universities are incapable of controlling or catching criminals.


I was sexually harassed, stalked and retaliated against at George Mason University in the 1990's.  The school did nothing but expel me for "making false and malicious sexual harassment complaints" after a Kangaroo-court student judicial proceeding.  I filed a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights, Dept. of Education and a federal lawsuit in the Eastern District of Virginia against the university and some actors.  The Dept of Education did nothing except find that George Mason didn't follow its policies and procedures, and had them change a few rules and sign a letter saying that they promised that in the future follow their policies and procedures.  As far as the lawsuit was concerned, the Virginia state attorney's office stalled and dragged it out for 9 years until I had it dismissed due to no expectation of anything coming of it.  

During the 9 years that the lawsuit dragged out, George Mason's sexual harassment professional who mistreated me and mishandled my complaint, Ronald Sinacore, was busted for sexual abuse of minors and sentenced to prison.  When he was busted, they even found evidence of his crimes on his computer at the University.  One of the defendants in my case, Geoffrey Orsak, left the Commonwealth of Virginia upon my filing the federal lawsuit, and he went back to his home state of Texas where he became Dean of Engineering at Southern Methodist University and has never been held accountable for his crimes and abuses against me.  No one was ever held accountable for anything they did to me, and the punishments and retaliations that were heaped on me for filing a sexual harassment complaint at a public university were never reversed or relieved.  

Title IX, when it comes to sexual abuses of female students, is a total joke.  Sadly, nothing has changed in all these years, and no one, I mean no one, wants to hear that their fantasy of college being the land of hot, sexy college co-eds is a reality of abuse for many young women in academia.


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