Obamacare Early Enrollment Numbers Embarrassingly Small

Only six people enrolled in the first 24 hours

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The Obamacare website has been plagued with glitches and coding problems, but at least the site is popular. The administration boasted over 4.7 million unique visits in the website’s first 24 hours.

It forgot to mention another number, however: the number of users who actually enrolled in Obamacare in the first 24 hours. It was six.

CBS obtained exclusive notes from the first few war room meetings following the Obamacare website launch, and has learned that the number of enrollments in the days following the launch were tiny.

The website launched on Tuesday, October 1st, and by Wednesday morning six people had enrolled. By that afternoon the enrollment numbers had reached 100, and by Wednesday night, 248 people had enrolled.

The Department of Health and Human Services told CBS that they could not reveal enrollment numbers because they didn’t have any, but the notes from the war room dispute that claim.

Obamacare needs 39,000 enrollments per day in order to reach its goal of 7 million by March 1st.



I would have already signed up if the premiums were affordable.

The goodwill Obama and Democrats had is evaporating under the false promise of the ACA by cancelling, state tax commission approved, affordable healthcare policies. Rural exchange policies are unaffordable being two to three times more expensive than urban policies. Democrats should work quickly to grandfather existing policies to take this issue off the table or face two election cycles of "they lied."


248 - that's about 750 a week.  They need 39,000 a week.  


Oh so predictable, which, the Republicans did predict.  Central planning has a sad, rather predictable history.  You get what you vote for America.


I have been uninsured and I am getting ready to sign up for "Obamacare."  

Is "Obamacare" more expensive than what I had previously?  Can't say -- I obviously had no "previously."

For me -- a self-employed man -- Obamacare is health insurance at a rate reasonably in-line with my annual income.   That much I can attest to.  

I salute the Obama administration.  

(And all you God-fear, Marx-this, Stalinist-that people need to go change the oil in your pickups or something...  US healthcare law is the province of grown-ups, not "Toughskin"-wearing tantrum-types like yourselves


I read something about this earlier this night. It has me truly worried. If you put all the policies aside this is still a terrible idea. We really need to focus on our debt instead :'(


OBAMACARE is a disaster and should be repealed ASAP.  I, like millions of other God-fearing Americans, will NOT take part in this Marxist-Stalinist-Obamaniacist claptrap.  What are they going to do ? Throw me and millions of other like-minded Americans in federal prison for not participating in this socialist nonsense ? And SIX people signed up the whole first day ? !  Out of 300,000,000 Americans !  My, what a resounding success !  The House Of Representatives should simply REFUSE to appropriate or spend ANY money to implement or support OBAMACARE in any manner whatsoever. Let it just wither on the vine.  The Obamaniac is just an EVIL SOCIALIST.  This is NOT what Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, nor James Madison wanted for the United States oF America !


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