Before and After: A Remarkable Year of Recovery from Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy made landfall on October 29, 2012, near Brigantine, New Jersey, cutting a vicious path through one of the most densely populated areas in the U.S.  A year and $65 billion in damages later, the most hard-hit areas look nothing like they did in the aftermath of the storm. These images show some of the efforts to recover from the hurricane and the resilience of the people who fell in its path.

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More Photography from Time


It is great that people can work together for a greater cause. I was talking to an employee from and we were discussing the idea of helping others be a part of the recovery process and wondered how much good it would do.


Nice images and amazing work but it is sad to see all so anonymous and monotonous, no style or beauty in the rebuilding. 

A striking difference from New Orleans... but then they were not so important and economically relevant.


It's unbelievable the amount of destroyed houses were permitted to be rebuilt to await the day the destruction comes again... why do we continually do this?  We rebuild the same types of structures, once destroyed, in the same places they were destroyed in, setting it all up again to be destroyed by the next earthquake, tornado, wild-fire, hurricane or flood?  The same energy inefficient structures made from the same types of slowly-renewable resources.  The only thing this type of 'recovery' is good for is work.  Destruction is great business, whether by war or natural disaster.  What hope for mankind who refuses to learn from experience and apply what we've learned?  /sigh


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