Two Dead In Nevada School Shooting, Including Gunman

Math teacher Michael Landsberry was trying to protect the students when he was killed

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David Calvert / Getty Images

Law enforcement gather in the parking lot of Sparks Middle School after a shooting on October 21, 2013 in Sparks, Nevada.

A shooter at a Nevada middle school wounded two students before the morning bell and killed a math teacher who was trying to intervene, police said Monday.

The suspected shooter, a student, is dead, the Associated Press reports. Police later confirmed the shooter died of a self-inflicted gun wound. Two other wounded students, both age 12, are in stable condition.

Police also said that law enforcement did not fire any shots.

Children from the Sparks Middle School, in Sparks, Nev., just east of Reno, were evacuated, and police set up a command post outside the school with 150 to 200 police officers responding. The family of the math teacher identified him as Michael Landsberry, a 45-year-old military veteran, according to the AP. The names of the shooter and other victims have not been released.






We do not know who will be the next person to commit such a horrible act.  The discussion has been to target the mentally ill, but it could be any body.  And who decides where the line is drawn with the people seeking mental health services?  Who do we prevent from obtaining a gun(s) and who do we allow to obtain them?


A small price to pay as we march toward our glorious goal of having ten to twenty guns for every human being.



If you don't like guns are even to own one that is your right.... But don't label or tell us gun owners we don't have a right to own one.....



Maybe because there is over 60 million people that we know of that own a firearm...  Census also take in account of 30 million more gun owners who wish not to be notice too...   Your right to not own a firearm or have one in your own.... But you have no right to dictate that I can't own one!


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