House Stenographer Disrupts Vote, Gets Hauled Away

Stuns staffers by seizing microphone and rambling about Freemasons, God and the Constitution

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During Wednesday night’s vote in the U.S. Congress to pass the budget and raise the debt ceiling, a floor stenographer was brusquely ushered out after taking over the dais and shouting into the microphone.

The woman, identified as Dianne Reidy, yelled things like: “Do not be deceived. God shall not be mocked. A House divided cannot stand,” according to a House republican aide to CNN. As she was removed from the chamber, she was caught by Public Radio International ranting about the Constitution being written by Freemasons, and repeated, “You cannot serve two masters.”

Surprised staffers told CNN that Reidy is a respectable and dependable colleague; a Republican aide commented: “I don’t know, she just snapped.”

According to Fox’s Chad Pergram, Reidy, who is known to be very religious, said in a written statement that the “Holy Spirit” moved her to make the spectacle.


The following clip has good audio of the incident:


Reidy was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, a spokesman for the U.S. Capitol Police said in an e-mail early Thursday.


As Conan quipped, the Republicans just found their 2016 Presidential candidate.


The funny thing is that Michelle Bachmann is probably eyeing her as a possible running mate.


Hearing the spew of tea party scum and working in close proximity to them produces a condition known as Bachmannitis, the uncontrollable impulse to express irrational thoughts with 100% conviction.  After spending time around humans, the condition subsides.


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