New Airline Seats Put More Squeeze on Passengers

Thinner, lighter seats will allow for more passengers per plane

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Large airlines in the U.S. are replacing older, bulky seats with new “slimline” models, squeezing precious space out of already cramped cabins.

The new seats, which take up less space in the front and back, will allow airlines to fit five or six additional seats on each plane, according to AP. The new seats are generally an inch closer together from front to back, but airlines say they are making up for the tighter fit with thinner seatback magazine pockets and smaller tray tables, so passengers shouldn’t feel much of a difference.

United says that the new seats also cut about 1,200 pounds from each A320 aircraft, which will translate into $10 million savings in fuel each year.



Why not have sloping stand up 'racks,instead of seats for flight of an hour or less...they really want the 

'cattlecar look' any why not go for it?

By the way,the older 'bulky seats offered you some crash protection-the new one,expect to be back 4 five rows in a crash..

and I still love the 2 foot wide 'lanes' between seats-one person falls down andyou all die in a crash...can't the regulators,for Safety, make sure there is at least a 3 ft.  wide walk space between rows of seats?


They're making up the space by shrinking the size of the pull-down tray? I wouldn't order the soup. Instead of serving it with a cracker, it will be on one.


Ah the joys of flying and the curse of airline bottom lines. God help you if your fat.


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