False Information May Have Sabotaged Student’s College Admissions Prospects

Horace Mann is investigating who sent out false information to an applicant's schools

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Graham Morrison / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Students arrive at the Horace Mann School on February 4, 2004 in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, New York.

An elite New York City private school with a reputation for cut-throat competition is investigating the attempted sabotage of a student’s college applications.

According to a letter sent to the senior class and obtained by the Wall Street Journal, someone sent false and disparaging information about the Horace Mann student to the applicant’s schools.

The letter, written by Canh Oxelson, director of college counseling at the scandal-plagued Bronx private school, says the school is still investigating who allegedly sent the false information. Horace Mann administrators did not respond to the Journal’s requests for comment.

Oxelson wrote that since the allegations arose several weeks ago, he has faced questions like, “What does it say about Horace Mann that a member of our community would do something like this?” He wrote:

“In 20 years of college admissions, I have never witnessed anything so disrespectful. For a student to have worked so hard for so many years, only to see those efforts jeopardized by an act of sabotage is absolutely unconscionable. This letter is an assault on the core values of this community, which is why it was determined that seniors should know what happened…

When a member of our community does something so egregious, it makes people question what’s happening here. It feeds the perception that we are hypercompetitive to the point of being unhealthy. This isn’t a good message for our students, our families, or for people who are on the outside looking in.”



This is par for a certain course at this school. Same as it ever was among the insecure, insincere and hyper status conscious student and parent body. A grand place for a horrible moral education. Ask Eliot Spitzer, the disgraced politician, or Richard Berman, the noted Milton quoting homosexual pedophile.


As a student/sophomore from Horace Mann I can say it is very competitive, but in the very best way. At Horace Mann the competition is at a level that it pushes you to do better, and to strive to rise to your potential. There has never been a case where sabotage is attempted besides this one, because Horace Mann is a loving community, everybody looks out for their best interests, but for their peers too. This is an unfortunate case by one disrespectful student, but this case should not speak for the rest of the school. 



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@student12345 One monster ruins the G rated movie. Horace Mann isn't Tom Brown's School Days. OTHERS, believe it, knew and abetted or failed to stop this mischief.


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