Off-Duty Cop in NYC Biker Assault Case Allegedly Pounded Victim’s Vehicle

Police arrest biker on gang assault charges while another is held on a $150,000 bond

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An off-duty police officer, who was arrested in connection with an incident that left a New York driver badly beaten and a motorcyclist in critical condition, is allegedly shown on a video pounding on the driver’s car, a law enforcement official said on Tuesday.

NYPD undercover detective 32-year-old Wojciech Braszczok was off-duty and riding with a pack of bikers when the driver of the SUV ran over one of the bikers after they allegedly swarmed his car. The bikers then beat the driver in front of his two-year-old child. At least one other off-duty undercover officer was riding with the bikers on the day of the assault, according to the official.

Braszczok was arrested on riot and criminal mischief charges on Tuesday. One day earlier, the officer’s lawyer said that the detective did not see the attack on Range Rover driver Alexian Lien.

On Tuesday, police arrested 32-year-old Brooklyn resident Clint Caldwell on gang assault charges. Meanwhile, a judge set a bond of $150,000 for another biker charged with assault, Craig Wright. Both Braszczok and Caldwell are expected to be arraigned on Wednesday.


It seems obvious that there was some sort of exchange between the driver of the range rover, and the bikers. I believe that the driver over reacted, and used the vehicle as a weapon. If I were one of the bikers witnessing this, I too would have drug the man out of the car and beaten him out of outrage. It is clear to me this is injustice. It seems that because the bikers are viewed as lawless, then they are assumed to be the ones at fault.


The driver of the Rover RAN OVER one of the bikers!!  He over-reacted and everyone got pissed off.  The one that should be charged is the driver of the Rover, not the bikers.


@mbealsismichael2 I don't know which video you watched, but it does not *seemed*, it LOOKED obvious that the SUV was swarmed and cornered by the bikers. Fight or Flight. And, when in such a threatening situation, where you felt your lives are in danger, you CAN flee the scene. This was stated by a judge and the NY police commissioner. I personally would have mowed down more of the bikers that was in front, near me, using the SUV as a weapon. Anyway, that's why Lien is not charged at all. However, it clearly is INjustice where despite several attempts of calling 911, no help arrived, until at the last minute. However, the most appalling outrage was to find out that the cops were actually around after all. 


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