High School Student Ordered to Remove NRA T-Shirt

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An Orange County, California high school student claims administrators ordered her to change out of a t-shirt promoting the National Rifle Association. The school’s principal reportedly told sophomore Haley Bullwinkle that her NRA shirt violated the school’s dress code, which forbids offensive, violent or divisive clothing.

The shirt, which Bullwinkle’s father gave to her when he became a card-carrying member of the NRA, features a buck, an American flag, a hunter’s silhouette and the words: “National Rifle Association of America: Protecting America’s Traditions Since 1871.”

Bullwinkle’s father emailed the school asking why his daughter had been instructed to change. Principal Kimberly Fricker responded, “The shirt had a gun on it, which is not allowed by school police.” The girl’s father has now retained an attorney and wants to know how the school defines violence.

“I think that if you consider the hunter, the image of the hunter to be offensive, certainly there are groups that would consider the Comanche Indian chief [the school’s mascot] to be offensive,” he told CBS Los Angeles.



I hope the student and parent win.  I have no sympathy for tyrannical schools that enforce their idea of acceptable "speech" in taxpayer funded classrooms.  Win one for free speech.  


Wait a minute...There are real people named Bullwinkle?!

My entire life has been a lie.


@jeffrey.sill yes there is even a dumbo family in W va, that called their son Bull and his last name is Bullwinkle. I feel sorry when that kid gets to school age in a few  years.


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