Trespassing Teens Tackled for Party at Fooball Player’s Home

Rule of thumb: Don't tweet about it if you don't want to get caught

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Six 17- to 21-year-olds were arrested Thursday after they allegedly broke into a former NFL player’s home and threw a raucous party while he was out of town, CNN reports.

The party at former New England Patriots offensive tackle Brian Holloway’s house in Stephentown, N.Y., while Halloway was out of town for Labor Day weekend, caused $20,000 in damage. Holloway’s son spotted on Twitter that about 300 trespassing teens were partying at the house. The family was in Tampa, Fla.

Holloway made a website to aggregate the tweets and Instagrams that party-goers posted of the destructive rager to help identify the crashers.

Parents of some of the teenagers told a local ABC affiliate that they might sue Holloway for re-posting their pictures.

The six suspects turned themselves in, but police expect to make more arrests. There have been both misdemeanor and felony charges.