Iran Hacked Navy Computers, U.S. Claims

News of the cyber-infiltration comes as the two countries eye historic diplomatic progress

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Officials say unclassified U.S. Navy computers were hacked in recent weeks by agents working for the government of Iran, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The intrusions represent an escalation in an Iranian cyber-espionage campaign against the United States. The news comes just as President Barack Obama and Iranian President President Rouhani spoke on the phone Friday, the first direct contact between leaders of the two countries since 1979.

Officials said no sensitive information was taken, but the incident caused alarm at the Pentago since the penetrations indicate a more sophisticated cyber-warfare capability in Iran than the country was previously known to have.

Iranian officials didn’t comment to the Journal, but the country has previously denied such allegations as politically motivated.



Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism, on the verge of acquiring the world’s most dangerous weapon, and the single greatest threat to the national security of the United States.

Nothing will change under this current dictatorship. It's a theocratic tyranny with the Ayatollahs in charge. Elections are cynically staged for propaganda purposes. The office of "president" is merely ceremonial. The Mullahs and the hardliners are still the "deciders" in Iran. Rouhani, who is a radical Islamist and not a moderate, is no more than a spokesman for the Ayatollahs. But no matter who was installed as "president," the regime will continue to violently oppress the Iranian people. The Iranian regime is the major sponsor of terrorism around the Middle East and other parts of the world, and will race to acquire nuclear weapons in order to intimidate and destabilize the Middle East. So whether you have Ahmadinejad pounding his fists or Rouhani romancing the press, nothing has changed except the window dressing. The only hope for Iran is a regime change.


Strange short news, lol. Unclassified navy computers ? does it mean hacking windows 7 computers with an official state technical capability ? us navy should change for the more asymetrical windows 8, that all, it is not a diplomatic incident. But it remembers me Obama talking about proxy wars at the UN general assembly, maybe these proxies can protest that they have a free will after all, they are not total puppets ashaming human nature (but self aware criminals sending signals ...) Creepy, it remembers me that halloween is coming, in many many homes agenda over the world, but they dont really care about foreing policy.


So the most technologically advanced country in the history of the world, whence personal computers came from, CANNOT protect it's own basic secret information ?  The U.S.A. is in a sad, sad state....... :(


yes as Obama was talking to the Figure head leader of Iran, the Govt of Irans real leader you know the religious one, was having people  hack in to U>S. Naval computers because they have so much respect for Obama and his white house staff of muslims and morons.


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