Free as a Bird Shot: Gun Giveaway in Florida

A group hopes to create 'gun rich' zones to combat crime.

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Yves Adams / Getty Images

Close up of a hunter aiming his shotgun

A pro-gun group says it’s planning to provide free shotguns to Florida residents in the coming weeks.

The Texas-based Arms Citizens Projects told Reuters that hundreds of Florida residents have already accepted its offer for one free weapon per household. The group hopes to create “gun rich” zones to combat crime.

The Arms Citizens Project said a gun seller would actually supply the weapons and ammunition and that ownership would only transfer after each recipient passes a background check. “This is perfectly legal because what we’re doing is we’re offering, first of all, a certified gun-instruction class, but we’re not handing out the shotguns whatsoever,” Ron Ritter. the group’s state director, told a local NBC affiliate.

“We are choosing mid-high crime neighborhoods in cities across America, and offering defensive weapons to citizens that can pass a background check, and that will take our safety, legal, and tactical training,” the group said on its website.