Youngest Victim of Chicago Shooting Home From Hospital

Three-year-old Deonta Howard was shot in the face, but he won't suffer any brain damage

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The youngest victim of last week’s mass shooting on Chicago’s South Side was released from the hospital Thursday and seemed to be in good spirits.

Three-year old Deonta Howard was shot in the face when two men opened fire on a crowd in Cornell Square Park in the Back of the Yards. When a reporter offered him a microphone, he said “I got shot,” and pointed to various places on his cheeks.

Deonta was playing basketball at the time of the shooting. Although the bullet entered near his ear and exited near his cheek, he did not suffer brain damage. Doctors say he will need extensive plastic surgery, but for now his family is grateful he’s coming home.


Thank god for saving his life, what a sad experience.


I hope this little boy recovers well physically and mentally after the Trauma he endured at the hands of black thugs shooting into a crowd with no regard for any innocent non-targeted people to include children. No good for anything black garbage young coward thugs. Wheres Al Sharpton and big mouth Jessie now. Where is the racist Obama now when a little boy gets shot in the face. The best thing this child's ignorant parents can do is getting him out that hood and hope he has a chance after that trauma not to become like the thugs that shot him. Maybe racist Oprah can donate a fund to help this kid with the surgery he will need for years. Maybe help him with a good Beverly Hills or New York plastic surgeon. Put up some of that great wealth she has instead buying a $35,000 dollar purse.


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