One Dead in Texas High School Stabbing

Three others were injured after a confrontation escalated to violence

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One person is dead and at least two more are injured after a spate of stabbings Wednesday morning at a suburban Houston high school, according to reports.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia told local news outlets that the violence could possibly be gang related, but did not explain any indications. He said weapons were pulled out after a confrontation started around 7 a.m. Wednesday at Spring High School and escalated. One person was dead at the scene; two others were taken to a nearby Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center with minor injuries, and a third is listed there in “good condition.”  Authorities said all of the victims were students.

Two males were shown on a news helicopter camera being escorted away from the school, and they were being detained for questioning, according to television station KPRC. Police say three individuals, who are students at the school were being questioned as “persons of interest.” No other suspects are being sought.

Weapons have not been found on the school grounds, Garcia said and there are no metal detectors there.

The school, in Spring, Tex., about 20 miles north of Houston, has more than 3,500 students and was locked down Wednesday morning right after the incident.

The father of a student at the school told KHOU that his son and his fellow classmates witnessed a scene of blood in a back hallway and that they believe a total of five people were stabbed, even though that remains unconfirmed by authorities.

The incident at Spring High School, only in its second week since the fall semester started, is the latest episode of recent school violence in the Houston area. Two other incidents took place on two different campuses of Lone Star College. In January, three people were wounded when an exchange of words between three men escalated into gunfire at the North Harris County campus. In April, an assailant, acting alone, stabbed and wounded 14 people at the college’s CyFair campus.



@jayfonsecapr Jay, Jay, Jay, el problema social que viven los norteamericanos no es para asombrarnos. Recuerden Japon 2dA guerra mundial.


We litigated and took God/values out of public schools and we have taken the authority to discipline a trouble making student on campus away fr the teachers and the principal. This event will continue to occur no matter what tool is used. It is the mindset and the lack of values of the student NOT the weapon he uses. Litigious behaviour helps only the lawyers and the criminals, it does not keep the campus free of students who have been brought up on TV morals and video games...who come home to empty houses and idle time. The best thing a caring parent can do is put the child in a private school and to have a parent be home to welcome the student and who will make sure that homework and chores are finished....AND to give that child lots of hugs and support.


Physical Schools is so outdated. Education should all be done online.


@TIME What? Maybe in the imposed weapon free zones they should include mandatory qualified security to enforce the imposed rule.


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