Gun-Toting Police Chief, Disciplined for YouTube Rants, Nears End of Suspension

Though he could face dismissal, foul-mouthed cop is hailed as hero by the pro-gun crowd

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Republican-Herald, Jacqueline Dormer / AP

In an Aug. 6, 2013 photo, Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler, foreground, and his attorney Joseph P. Nahas, Esq. speak during a press conference at Nahas' office in Frackville, Pa.

Pennsylvania police chief Mark Kessler is approaching the last day of his suspension from duty on Friday after he posted videos of pro-gun rants on YouTube. Technically he was suspended for unauthorized use of a weapon, but the vitriol of his speech has attracted as much attention as the guns themselves.

In one video, with 212,123 views and counting, he accuses John Kerry, the U.N., and a network of arms control advocates of conspiring to take away his guns, to which he responds by brandishing a machine gun and firing it in the air with abandon.  (Warning, this video contains explicit language, including frequent use of the S-word, the F-word, the M-F-word, the C-S-word, and combinations thereof, punctuated by bursts of machine gun fire.)

City councilmen have yet to decide if they will fire Kessler, who remains defiant. According to the Associated Press, he has continued to let off steam through his internet-based radio show and has received multiple invitations to speak at gun shows.

He also says membership in his “Constitution Security Force,” sworn to protect the constitution and defend the second amendment in particular, has spread to 45 states. And to top off his busy month, he has posted another video to YouTube, beginning with a fake apology and ending with more Yosemite-Sam-style gunshots. (This video contains the same explicit language listed earlier, plus the P-word and a possibly made up L-word.)