Man Who Abducted Girl May Be Her Father

The family of the suspect is seeking a paternity test

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A San Diego man who abducted a young girl and allegedly murdered her mother and brother may actually be the child’s biological father.

The family of James DiMaggio, the suspect in Hannah Anderson’s abduction, is asking investigators to conduct a paternity test, adding a twist to a case which authorities say is “winding down.”

DiMaggio, who was killed in the shootout leading to Hannah’s rescue, left $112,000 in life-insurance money to the children’s grandmother. Hannah’s abduction last month triggered a statewide Amber Alert, which led authorities to discover DiMaggio and Hannah camping in the remote Idaho wilderness. The bodies of Hannah’s mother, Christina Anderson, and 8-year old brother Ethan were discovered in DiMaggio’s San Diego home shortly after the abduction.


What a twist in the story every day and the hunger of the cheap media to print anything and everything related to Hannah Andersen. It was a story full of action, thrill and suspense. But the bottom line; it was a routine American family drama, dishonest love affair,illegitimate children and so on.. Soon she will sign for the book rights and Hollywood Movies, and finally may be Hustler or Playboy. Continue watching, reading and listening this drama for a while, unless a new one come.  


This thing is strange.  My bet is that the authorities are trying to cover themselves for shooting another unarmed person. This poor little derpfaced heifer is probably sad and confused. And the rest of the world just stares blankly with a spot of drool hanging from it's lip.


I'm still waiting for the other shoe to fall.


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