Has the United States Lost its Grand Strategic Mind?

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MAHMUD HAMS / AFP / Getty Images

Egyptian supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood shout support for Egypt's deposed president Mohamed Morsi in Cairo July 10.

MARINA DE CAMPO, Italy — As Esam Al-Amin explains here, Mohamad Morsi made some colossal blunders during his one year rule of Egypt as its democratically elected president.

He was elected in what most observers regard as a reasonably fair election.

But this exclusive report by Al Jazeera reveals that the United States — which claims to support democracy in the Middle East and elsewhere — has been actively involved in bankrolling Morsi’s opposition, and in so doing has continued its long policy of subverting Islamist democratic victories when they win fair elections (Hamas in 2006) or threaten to win fair elections (Algeria, 1991).

Al Jazeera reveals how stark contradictions continue to rip through the three legs of the moral triangle that is U.S. foreign policy — i.e., the contradictions between

— The values we profess to the world that we uphold.

— The values we actually hold, as demonstrated by our actions abroad as well as at home (don’t forget the neo-fascist, non-accountable, hidden hand that the emerging American deep state exemplified by the NSA scandal).

— The world we have to deal with deal with (in this case epitomized by the changing conditions of the Arab Spring).

The result is an accumulating grand strategic blunder of immense and long-lasting, perhaps irreversible, proportions.

Not only do our actions violate the criteria for sensible grand strategy; this particular violation of the U.S. moral triangle took place on President Obama’s watch, which is doubly ironic, given that Obama demonstrated an intuitive feel for exploiting the weaknesses in his adversary’s moral triangle, with his resounding defeat of John McCain in 2008 (as I explained here).

Put bluntly, if the report in Al Jazeera is close to being true (and Juan Cole has labeled it “muddled mush“), the United States is pursuing a morally obtuse grand strategy that makes Kaiser Wilhelm’s look like a stroke of genius.


The True problem is Islam.Islam has no history of debate.Without debate democracy cannot exist.Islam is a hieratical cult that seeks to control everything.The west learned debate from the Greek and Romans and that has built much.Until the world rejects Islam there will be no democracy in the Middle East or in any other Muslim majority county.Obama fails to understand the root of Islam and thus fails to deal with it.Islam craves and fears power. Talking to Muslims sends the message that you are weak.Reagan knew this and so did both Presidents Bush.If you are seen to be weak then look out.But prove you are strong the Muslim will back down.We need to understand that using UAV to kill makes us look weak.A fully armed Marine for US Army soldier is more threatening to Muslims.Fear is a weapon we need to remember.


The key failure was Obama's lack of courage in his first term, when he could have leveraged his overwhelming popularity and made seized the world's imagination. He could have closed Gitmo, and embraced Cuba. He could have rejected NSA and the intrigues of the Pentagon - and that is where he cracked - he instead became enthralled with them. Once it was realized that Obama preferred deadly model airplanes to diplomacy, he had no coat-tails to offer Democrats in mid-term and the cancerous majority of the GOP took hold.


When US is trying to help the middle east were always damed if we do and damed if we don't.  The US is just enabling a bunch of people that are crazy from anger at people who are different from themselves to keep fighting each other.  Some times people have to learn the hard way.  When they all get completely sick of the horrible conditions they live in due to war against people in their country with different religions they will stop fighting.  Its sad how prejudice they are when it comes to religion and race.  Just like WWII fixed Europe and Japan from those beliefs and Korean war and Vietnam stopped Asia from wanting to go to war.


@swordoflight Islam carried us through the Dark Ages, and the middle east built the cultures that became Greece. Militarism disproved itself once and for all the last century, and this one will see us harmonize with our planet and ourselves. 

There is a cyberwar going on now, but it isn't about A hacking B. It's legacy militarism trying to take away the great treasure of our species - the Internet - and it's war that we cannot and shall not lose; even if we have to train Americans what freedom of speech means.


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