— The number of Pentagon civilians who will be forced to forfeit one day’s work, and the pay that comes along with it, over each of the coming 11 weeks. That's a 20% pay cut over the next three months. The cutbacks, forced by the fiscal vise of sequestration, apply to about 85% of the Pentagon’s non-uniformed workforce. If sequestration remains on the books, layoffs – and not merely furloughs – are all but inevitable for some of the Defense Department’s nearly 900,000 civilian workers beginning in the fall.
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650,000 people in one department of government..Wow! That doesn't even include active military..It's no wonder we are going broke..


And how many hours of overtime will now be worked to make up for the lost productivity?

"Fiscal conservatism" at it's finest.


@NP042 NPO -- There's a respectable legal argument to be made that all the furloughs, or at least the Navy portion of them, are improper.  If all 650,000 people appeal the furloughs -- and they have the right -- it could bottleneck the entire DOD personnel system.  And if the appeals succeed, that would negate all the savings.  Of course, paying everyone back pay for time not worked I FY 2013 would so deplete the appropriations for the year in which the decision is issued that a furlough would then be truly necessary.

Lewis Carroll is not the DOD chief of personnel, but I hope the actual chief is familiar with his works.


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