The Stars Come Out For Pride Month

In an historic time for gay rights, celebrities, politicians and athletes showed their support at Pride celebrations around the country.

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As with being "pro-choice", without mentioning that choice is killing a child, "Pride Month" conspicuously omits "proud of what?" Flaunting God's laws? Mindless self-gratification absent reproduction, which is the purpose of sex? Sexual practices that are unsanitary and conducive to the transmission of disease?

TIME being a liberal publication, I'm sure there will be many more commenters supporting homosexuality than condemning it, but that's irrelevant. Truth isn't elected by popular vote, was the same a thousand years ago, and will be the same a million years from now. The only things our decisions determine is how consistent we are with the truth, and the quality of our lives based on the consequences.


Most Americans are not proud about it.



oh god, the gays are coming. the world is going to end because we've let people be themselves. god help america


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