Four Ways Obama’s Syria Gambit Could End

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AP / Evan Vucci

President Obama speaking in Belfast Monday.

The White House last week said the U.S. will start arming certain Syrian opposition groups with light weapons, moving to intervene in that country’s bloody civil war.

The question now is how deeply America will become involved in the fighting.

The decision to supply arms is a cautious half-step for President Obama, who previously concentrated on ending the two wars begun by George W. Bush. Obama has only agreed to military entanglements when world opinion clearly leaned in favor of it. When he has done so–in Libya and Central Africa, for example–he’s largely succeeded in keeping the U.S. from being drawn further into the bloodshed.

But Syria is by far the largest war in which Obama has picked sides, and with U.S. stakes already high in the region, intervention carries far more risks than rewards.

Full dispatch here.


Hi should let/suggest Israel to attack Hezbollah fighters in Syria under the "Wont allow weapons to fall into Hezbollah hands", and if doing so they take the Syrian air force and air defenses the better. Send in the Drones!


Before discussing the course of the war which won't end we should look at the reasons we are engulfed in Arabian conflicts. Oil tops the list. But that reason is dwindling as an energy source though its political clout is as everlasting as the religious conflicts behind the scenes. Or not very far behind. So already there's money, church/mosque, and ego. Ego is the political effect of poor decision making. Greed being the culprit which we see in American business but we're not alone. Russian oligarchs, Chinese dictators, ayatollahs all have this trait. Specifically we'er involved because of Saudi Arabia. Mujahadeem advance their cause throughout the northern continent. The Sahara is their base camp marginalized by Egypt. They wealth is not shared but despised by Syria a poor nation in all facets except for the willingness of its treacherous leaders to murder its citizenry for money and arms. So it goes. The curtain for war opens and closes but it never seems to end in the Middle East. I think the Islamic code is the devil in the detail. There won't be any change in structure no matter who wins. Dictatorships thrive in Russia and China, and the Mid East. We're there to make Lockheed and Boeing rich and keep certain congressmen and their wives in mansions. Power brokers. That's why we're there. 


1.) Putin convinces him he's no military genius. 2.) His actions result in expansion of Syrian Civil War into Iran/Iraq and Lebanon/Israel, bringing about the Apocalypse. ( Now that would be Change indeed, but not much Hope. ) 3.) Senate begins Impeachment proceedings against him for obvious reasons and for waging war without congressional consent. 4.) his physicians and "handlers" have him poisoned and make it look like a heart attack, Biden steps up and calls it all off.


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