“If That Does Not Suit You, Then Get Out.”

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Lieut. General David Morrison

The Australian army has its own sex scandal unfolding, and Lieut. General David Morrison, the army chief, let his troops know he is not pleased.

Not sure if it’s his words, his accent, his anger, his laser-like stare – or the fact that he barely blinks – that make his video message so compelling.

Or all of the above.


EXCELLENT speech.  Felt like standing to allegience after watching him speak.  So WONDERFUL to hear a man have a spine and a brain.  Today men like him, sadly, are very rare - esp in USA where politics, greed and self interest overrule high morals/values.  Good for him.  Brilliant job.  Hope it brings positive results.


Do you think our armed forces bigwigs who testified to legislators have a thing or two to learn from watching that video?Gen.Morrison,you have my utmost respect.

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Amen.  Time for every institution, uniformed and otherwise, experiencing scandals and a culture of concealment, whether on this issue or any other, to stand up and take notice- THIS IS HOW WARRIORS AND PEOPLE OF INTEGRITY FACE THOSE PROBLEMS.  This is the standard of warriorship and honour expected in the 21st Century.  Time to get with the program.


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