‘Powerhouse Fire’ Scorches Angeles National Forest

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California officials ordered more than 1,000 homes to be evacuated Monday as firefighters battled to contain a blaze that has burned nearly 30,000 acres, according to KTLA.

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Time is running out. I've read some scientific papers by scientists. It's time to tell the real truth. Earth is beyond repair I'm afraid. I read this a few months ago and it broke my heart. This disaster and all the one's the last 5 years is telling you something. The greenhouse effect is spiraling out of control. People have left it too late. They had 20 years and they wasted the 20 years!!! I'm trying to save earth as best I can and I can get short tempered when I see people doing the wrong thing. I'm at wits end with people destroying this only living world here in our solar system. IT'S TIME THEY WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING!!!!!


Our fight to save earth cannot yield any result unless we understand its root reduced to knowledge of energy to matter. Nature strives to maintain certain ratio of energy to matter and thus the heat of the system. Earth tries to maintain the balance between unwinding and winding force. When we exponentially increase the heat of the environment it is expected the environment shears down. Earth's reaction is to wind creating rain, snow.As we unilaterally increase the heat and intervene into the night cycle, it is expected the natural change gets accelerated. We are heading for huge catastrophes. This was perceived nearly two decades back from a simple observation of nature and the knowledge of "principle and design" on which nature functions to sustain herself. This was communicated to leaders of nations, media giants and now I am posting it through the social media. We would end in giving huge price, if we do not awaken to the "principle and design" and develop global energy management of the environment. Someone viral this catch the attention of the media, before greater catastrophes strike us - please, please, please




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