Sleight of Mouth

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MCC Sam Shavers / U.S. Navy

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus testifying before Congress.

Sometimes it’s tough to tell when you’re being misled.

Take this (barely) edited exchange Tuesday between Rep. Ken Calvert, R-Calif., and Navy Secretary Ray Mabus at a hearing into the Navy’s proposed 2014 budget before the defense subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee:

REP. CALVERT: Is there any major procurement program that you know of that’s on budget and on schedule?

SEC. MABUS: Yes, there are.

REP. CALVERT: Just to make us all feel good.

SEC. MABUS: The Virginia class submarine, the DDG-51 [destroyer], LCS  [Littoral Combat Ship] —


SEC. MABUS: Yes, it is.

REP. CALVERT: Isn’t the price — the price on that has gone significantly in the last several years.

SEC. MABUS: The price on that has actually come down by more than 40% from the first four ships that were built…

REP. CALVERT: But the initial cost of those ships, those original four, weren’t — aren’t they substantially higher than they thought they were going to go?

SEC. MABUS: I’m sorry –

REP. CALVERT: Wasn’t the original four LCS ships substantially more expensive than what we thought they were going to be?

SEC. MABUS: Absolutely, and it was a program that was –

REP. CALVERT: They’re bringing them down 40%, that’s getting them back to just a little bit more than what we thought that was going to be…

SEC. MABUS: You’re absolutely right.


Spending on Military is a good thing - Spending on air force 1 to cruse around on is a burden to the economy and not a job creator. The price of gas is high and we need it to get to work and it's taxed and our work is taxed but that is still building the economy even though it's spending more on a product. So. California is number one on your list I hope Ken and the Military jobs here a many, don't kill them by making the Military uncomfortable. The product they buy creates jobs.


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