Bagram Horror

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For both good – grabbing the alleged Boston Marathon bombers – and bad – there are a lot of vile videos out there — cameras have become ubiquitous.

That’s how a videocam atop a dashboard was able to capture the final moments of a privately-operated National Air Cargo 747 before it crashed at Afghanistan’s Bagram air base Monday, killing all seven U.S. crew members aboard.

The plane was carrying “vehicles and routine general cargo,” the company said, apparently for the U.S. military. “No passengers were aboard.” Early reports suggest some of the cargo may have been improperly fastened inside the plane, leading to its movement that might have put the jumbo jet into an unrecoverable stall.

Six Michigan men – James Brokaw, Brad Hasler, Jeremy Lipka, Michael Sheets, Gary Stockdale and Rinku Summan – perished in the crash, as did Timothy Garrett of Kentucky.

R.I.P. to the crew, and condolences to their families.