A Brief History of Manhunts

TIME takes a look back at how manhunts have unfolded over the past 35 years.

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A clear cultural theme is depicted about our society through the list of manhunts over time and those responsible being captured. What becomes very evident in this list is the need for justice after a very tragic event. Justice becomes the motivation to find those responsible and allows a seemingly individualistic culture to band together collectively and root for the good guys. This can be a universal theme applied to many other cultures as well. Schweder would argue that this need for justice comes from the entity of pride and morality instilled in our culture and thus influencing our emotions and reactions to tragic events in specific ways. This documentation of terrorists and evil people who have been put to justice greatly embodies this interaction with our culture and the emotions. Schweder argues that there is interaction between culture and a person’s psyche. The psyche of a person can be altered or conditioned to react in certain ways based upon cultural contexts no matter how specific or in this case universal a theme. This relationship between culture and psyche can be seen in many contexts and I believe this list highlights the depth into this relationship and shows the need and pride around the universal cultural theme of getting justice.


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