$4 Trillion

— The latest estimate, here, of the cost to the U.S. of waging the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, from Harvard researcher Linda Bilmes. The eventual cost could reach $6 trillion, she estimates, or nearly $20,000 per American.
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much of our wars are around global trade. The corporations who enrich themselves on wars and participate in markets that they would not have access to without the US military umbrella have always had a critical role in keeping the US prosperous.

Now for some reason, they are unwilling to pay their fair share. Exxon last year with $44 billion in profits, still collecting tax subsidies on top of it, feels somehow entitled to use the US military for its protection. The profits....they are hidden far away from the US tax collector. 

So who is paying for all this? The US taxpayer....really? The corporations get to keep all the spoils, and the US taxpayer, who is providing the blood and flesh required for these wars. now also has to pay the bill? How long do we think this is going to last? Good luck!


But they figure that there is no cost. Washington can either print money and pay it off or print money to pay the interest, probably the latter and so the principal will never be paid. And it makes so many people rich! There's no down-side, except for the people directly involved and they don't get a vote.


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