Sequestion Time, #7: The Rolex Heist

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We’re not going to cite some fuzzy Pentagon proposal or procurement for our final Sequestion. Even though we said we’d keep it up until sequestration was history, we decided after a week that we value our mental health too much to spend time scrolling through reams of contracts and solicitations hunting down dubious spending in the middle of what the military contends is a budget crunch that is pounding the best military in world history into dust.

Instead, we’d like to leave you with this simple Sequestion:

Does it strike you at all strange that when four masked robbers hit a jewelry store Tuesday at 10:37 a.m., that of all the jewelry stories in the greater Washington, D.C., region, they chose to smash a display box inside the Pentagon City mall, a short walk from the Pentagon itself?

Does it strike you as even more amazing that they fled — after less than 30 seconds in the store — with 23 Rolex watches, worth $609,000?

Makes you long for the days of Army-Navy surplus stores.


Yes, it strikes me as strange to have four masked robbers near the Pentagon. Usually robbers at the Pentagon don't wear masks and are called something like "the honorable." It's also strange that in thirty seconds they  grabbed only 23 watches, which is slow robbery. They obviously were not from Lockheed-Martin either.

But the good thing is that the Pentagon is going to revise the U.S. defense strategy. General Dempsey: "We'll need to relook our assumptions." (Really, he said that.) One big defense crisis the U.S. has is of course Iran -- those nasty Persian cats. They're like a lot of cats, thinking they can run their own lives without us, which is wrong. General Dempsey described what he would do about Iran at a recent CSIS confab.

"So I – you know, if I had a chance to sit with the ayatollah, I would ask him just exactly, you know, what are you hoping to achieve here? And you know, frankly, because we think we know what he’s seeking to achieve and we think it will be unacceptable. In fact we’ve said so – unacceptable to not only the United States but the region. . .but the point is I think that question about how they see what they’re doing in their national interests – unless it is to, in fact, create that Sunni - Shia divide and have Iran, in the name of Shia Islam, become dominant – if that’s their aspiration, then they’re on a path that we will all find unacceptable."

Which brings me back to your point about mental health . . .


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