How Cool Are Marines? Not Cool Enough, Apparently

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The Marines like to joke that they break down doors, while the Army seeks to sign a lease with the property owner. Completely false, of course, but with enough scent of truth to it that it generates smiles among leathernecks and scowls from soldiers.

Well, the Army has shipped lots of air conditioners – and the generators to run them – to Afghanistan and Iraq over the past decade. So have the Marines, but they’re now looking for ways to keep their jarheads cool in a lighter-footprint, more expeditionary kind of way:

The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) seeks to obtain market research information from sources capable of fully satisfying the requirement for a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) thermo-electric based technology configured to cool a Marine lying in a bed. The technology should fit squarely on top of the bed; “wearable” systems (i.e. vests, shirts) are not of interest. The localized cooling technology should require a minimal amount of power to maintain a surface temperature significantly lower than the ambient air temperature. The thermo-electric device should also offer a heating capability and should operate on 120VAC power.



Always wondered whether or not the guys would be better off in that awful heat much less armored but cooler. I cannot imagine wearing what I see them wearing in that kind of climate.


Awful idea.  Period.  If you're an operator then you need to acclimate to the heat in iraqistan by spending at much time as possible out of the a/c.   Why?  Because the taliban doesn't care if it's hot.  However, if you're on the support side of things then you spend all day in air conditioning anyways so what's the point?  Instead of developing an awful idea such as this or the amphib 2, lets put that effort towards a great idea like buying decent boots (converse, swat, or oakley) for the dudes who need their feet.  


Most Marines I have met are awesome guys and gals all the way around, no matter the specialty.....Most Soldiers are scrubs (98%). The Army Warfighters (Airborne Infantry, Rangers, Helo Pilots, and Green Berets) are the best the Army has. Everyone else is the reason the Army gets a bad rep.

173rd Airborne Infantry 2001-2008

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Hi Mark,

One suggestion to you as a writer - When referring to someone in The Marines, refer to them as a "Marine".  When referring to someone in the Army, refer to them as a "Soldier".  The "S" should be capitalized.  

I'm not trying to be a School Marm here but would like to ensure that our Soldiers get the full respect they deserve.




@MattRoyal  I just looked through some of my old field manuals. Until recently, in official U.S. Army documents, it was "soldiers" uncapitalized. I'm not sure when it changed, but it is probably an Army PR campaign in the last several years. Capitalizing it has nothing to do with respect. Referring to soldiers in a respectful manner for what they do is what shows them respect.

 To the best of my knowledge "Marines" has always been capitalized. I may be wrong on this but I think it has to do with the fact that "Marine" is a title. Technically, Marines are naval infantry.

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You .mean Marines get BEDS?  Oh, that's right, they're Navy Department -- "three hots and a cot." The Army doesn't need that. Land warriors, not amphibians of some sort. Live on the land, literally. Nearer my sod to thee. No need for electric heaters,  coolers and -- generators? The lowest rank carries the generator along with a machine gun? Just so Marines can  be heated or cooled while "lying in a bed?"  Next thing you know they'll want to be carried into battle on sedan chairs.

MarcusCarter 2 Like

Really?.Beds?  so a reporter cals a cot or a inflatable matress a bed...get over yourself bacon. ..That's kind of funny..Bacon.  Don't be a hater.  The Marines have been winnig battles with Army scraps for decades.  And the Army has been trying to emulate the Marine Corps popularity since WWI.  From advertising to copying Marine uniforms.  Yes the US Marines (The Men's Division of the Navy) have landed.  Better trained, uniforms, better lead, better recruiting,  and well, just better.  Be proud that you have a Marine Corps to clear the way for the Army and protect their six so they can sleep well at night.



Actually, you're wrong. Those "Dress Blues" the Marines wear are Army Cavalry uniforms. The coats are supposed to be darker than the pants because you wore your pants on the horse, and left your coat in the saddle bags.

Get your facts straight.

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@MarcusCarter I don't know. The Marines' portion of the F-35 budget sure isn't scraps. Just saying. 

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@MarcusCarter Oh, yeah, what about the Osprey? Army scraps sure didn't fund that thing either. The America Class carriers might be driven by the Navy, but the Marines own them.