“And I Solemnly Swear to Get Along With Senate Republicans…”

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DOD photo / Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley

Chuck Hagel, left, takes the oath of office as the nation's 24th defense secretary from Michael Rhodes, the Defense Department's director of administration and management, as Hagel's wife, Lilibet, holds a Bible at the Pentagon Wednesday morning.


Uncle Bernanke starts to insinuate negative rate to resuscitate the dire economy, soon all loans will be interest free + a bonus payment equivalent to 10% of the loan amount. In this Ben's economy of a truly utopia, the economy will take off like a rocket. In this utopia, every boy will have 1 million apple pads, all girls will have 1 million pairs of shoes.

Philosophically Speaking



I for one will miss Uncle Leon at the Panettagon. The Pentagon with him gone  will be like Costello without Abbott, or Martin sans Lewis. The spokesman Little will have little to do -- no more 'splainin' what Uncle Leon actually meant. 

Uncle Leon could lay it out, know what I mean? Okay, last Fall he didn't do squat to prepare for sequestration, couldn't make a decision, but that didn't mean he settled for the same behavior in others.  Here's Uncle Leon in July 2011, addressing a problem in Iraq, just layin' it on 'em the way only Uncle Leon could do, with a four-letter word (not Leon).

" SEC. PANETTA:  . . .And, very frankly, sometimes it can be frustrating.  I'd like things to move a lot faster here, frankly, in terms of the decision-making process.  I'd like them to make a decision, you know, do they want us to stay; don't they want us to stay?  But, you know, they want to have -- you know, get a minister of defense or don't they want to get a minister of defense?  But, damn it, make a decision." -- July 11, 2011, Remarks by Secretary Panetta during Troop Visit at Camp Victory, Iraq

So they roasted Chuck and let Leon off the hook. Now Uncle Leon and his dog are gone.Uncle Leon has praised the dog, and I will too. Bravo Bravo. I couldn't be on a leash to Uncle Leon like you do.


Everybody has a 'crazy' uncle. And now we don't. What a loss.


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