Pilot to Co-Pilot: “Haven’t We Been Here Before?” “Da…”

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Army photo / Sgt. Duncan Brennan

Soldiers from 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment ensure safe conduct while loading an OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter onto a Russian Antonov AN-124 cargo plane at Bagram Airfield, Feb. 8.


Good one!

We could learn much from the Russians about getting out of Afghanistan. The Russians have deep experience with the concept.

Now I await the American Department of Defense analysis. They could reprint the Vietnam stuff where it says . . . In order to be effective in controlling irregular armed forces it is essential to have the support of the local population . . .

Will the Afganistan stuff come home or just be shipped directly to our next lesson? 



To quote a famous baseball player of long ago, "It's Deja Vue ALL over again"

Yogi Berra player/manager